Orillia to Midland, Ontario

August 3 – 8

Dinner out for a few nights with fellow Loopers in Orillia.

Cool visual at our marina in Orillia.

Underway from Orillia to Rawley Lodge just before our very last lock.

Had to wait for these boats to clear the chamber before we could bring Whisky Business in.

Same lock chamber from the west side.

Steal Away, a steel ketch (a ketch is a sailboat that has a second mast located in front of the rudder. If the second mast was located behind the rudder it would be called a yawl. Whatever…) doing the Loop.

The Admiral on Steal Away, a Kentucky girl!

Our turn in the lock chamber. There were 7 jet skis in with us, Steal Away, Carolina Dream and 2 other cruisers.

Had to remind the captain of this vessel that this area is a no wake zone.

More narrow channels…

Yes, a fire hydrant.

HA! A rope on a tree!

The Peterborough Lift Lock was pretty cool. Never seen anything like that before. The Big Chute however, has to be the craziest way to move a boat! The granite in this area was too hard to blast through so the Canadians built a big rail car that transports the boat over the granite on railroad tracks.

This is it, Lock 45 at Port Severn. Our last lock until after Chicago. Such a great relief to put those 45 locks behind us.

Who’s got the “bedhead” in this photo??? Not me! So glad to be finished with locks for a while. That’s the entrance to Lock 45 behind us.

After 45 locks the T shirts we protected our fenders with were retired to the nearest trash receptacle.

More narrow channels as we head to Midland on the Georgian Bay.

Getyerass outta that chair. Time for dinner and cocktails!!!

Such a saucy wench!

We stayed at Rawley Resort for a night before heading to Midland. Had a great meal there.

At the fuel dock at Bay Port Marina we saw this pretender.

T shirt my buddy John was sportin’.

Our friends on Steel Away got bumped from the list to get their masts raised so the intrepid gang of Loopers chipped in and raised these 2 mighty tall masts.

Quite a job to raise a steel mast without the help of a crane.

But in the end…


Debbie and I took John and Deb Neal from Saltaire to Toronto today to catch a flight home to see the new grandbaby Hank. Found the stadium where the BlueJays play. They must really love us here!

Our last night out in Midland. Charlene and Sam had never heard this joke before.

Our Looper family in Midland. Debbie and I will be traveling with 2 other boats tomorrow to begin our exploration of the beautiful Georgian Bay for the next few weeks.

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