A Wild Ride

August 9

Weather was not looking good for traveling today. Below is a report I get daily showing wind and wave height in particular bodies of water. In the case of the Georgian Bay at 8AM this morning winds were 21 knots (almost 24 MPH) with wave heights of 4 – 5 feet. Was gonna cruise with a 48 foot Bayliner captained by a retired Coast Guard fella Dan Farrell and a 50 foot Carver with airline and Air Force pilot captain Sam Crouse at the helm. After reviewing the below info I sent them a text backing out of todays travel. Felt like the safe and prudent thing to do. After discussing with the Coastie and looking at the maps with all of the little islands that would block all the wind action we decided to go.

Big mistake. Got hammered. No photo’s as Debbie and I were too busy hanging on. Below, 30 mile an hour wind.

Water was pouring in around the windscreen as the bow of the boat would ride down a wave. So now we look like the equivalent of a boat trailer park. Carpets were soaked so now they are drying out on the bow of the boat.

Water looks pretty tame as we leave Midland at 9 this morning. Look at the really big flag blowing in the wind. Shoulda known…

Idyll Time III led the way today. He was really rolling in those seas.

It’s a Wonderful Life (from Bedford Falls, no less) and Here’s to Us.

Beautiful sailing vessel.

This is an image of Georgian Bay from our Aqua Maps software installed on our IPad. Bottom right of the photo is Midland where we had been staying. In the square above Midland you can see the our boat icon. Only 30 miles.

Finally made it to Henry’s Fish Restaurant.

These belonged to some hapless boaters.

In planning our route tomorrow, Sam had purchased paper charts from our marina and the manager there marked routes to cool anchorages and marinas. I too, purchased these charts ($128) but when Debbie went by the marina this morning he was too busy to mark the routes for her. I went over to Here’s to Us while Sam, using the paper charts made waypoints on his navigation software that is on his phone and then downloaded them onto his Garmin chartplotter. Saaaay, I too have a Garmin chartplotter. We took his phone to WB, synched it with my chartplotter and VOILA! All of the waypoints are now on my chartplotter.

Smooth Sailing tomorrow for a 15 mile run to Parry Sound.

3 thoughts on “A Wild Ride”

  1. Stay safe. You are all so brace to be on the water.
    Enjoying being on land.
    Take care of yourselves. Love you
    Your cousin Sue


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