Great Ride

August 10

We left Henry’s Fish Restaurant today for Parry Sound. The winds were pretty high but we were hidden by lots of islands that prevented the waves from building up. We saw winds as high as 20 MPH but no wave action due to the lack of fetch. Fetch? What the heck is that you might ask. Fetch is the amount of space wind travels over water to have an opportunity to build waves. Yesterday, you know, the day we got our ass kicked? There was plenty of open water for the wind to build waves and then throw them at us. Traveling narrow channels prevents the wind from having the opportunity to build waves. We saw winds as high as 20 MPH but since there was no opportunity for the wind to build waves over long distances of open water we had a smooth ride today. Notice in the photos below that the water has no more than a light chop.

It was such an uneventful cruise that we were able to take lots of pictures for your enjoyment. So, enjoy!

In the photo below, you can see the 2 horns on the side of Whisky Business. They are loud. I mean really loud. When I press the horn button I am certain it can be heard as far away as Inner Outer Mongolia. Swear to God!

Oh Hell, more narrow channels.

Another alien craft floating in the Georgian Bay

This swing bridge opens on the hour for 15 minutes. It was a couple of hours into our voyage for the day and we got there early. It absolutely kills me to write this, but my brother says there are only 2 times in a day. Early and Late. We decided to be early so we waited for 20 minutes for the bridge to open.

Idyll Time III making a pass. Pretty boat and great owners.


Trying so hard to rain on our parade.

The town of Big Sound.

Bunch of tourists…

I call BS! I’m NOT goin’ in there.

Great restaurant. Deb and I had the Jager Schnitzel. Almost as good as the Gasthouse in Louisville next to Party Mart. They had great memorabilia in there. The timeless image of Louisville’s own Muhammed Ali standing over Sonny Liston after knocking him out was displayed prominently. That’s Rev Crouse from Here’s to Us taking a picture of me taking a picture of her. Bet she puts it in her blog.

If you are from Louisville you would be looking for the GoatMan.

Sea plane coming in for a landing. Would have like to have flown in one of these but no time.

Relaxing on the bow of WB.

Just before we took this photo we walked the dock to find all of the Looper boats that were on our dock. Found 8 including us. Our friends from Here’s to Us told us to look up the Looper folks on Golden Daze if we ran across them. Found their beautiful 60 foot Fleming down the dock from us. Great folks. They were entertaining Jamie and Trish Mackey from About Time. The party just keeps getting bigger!

And then the sun went to bed.

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